Maserati, Shell launch co-branded motor oil for hybrid vehicles
Photo courtesy of Shell

Maserati, Shell launch co-branded motor oil for hybrid vehicles

In 2020, Italian luxury carmaker Maserati started a new era with the brand’s first-ever electrified model, the new Ghibli Hybrid, based on the company’s innovative and game-changing electrification strategy. To ensure the best performance and protection for Ghibli Hybrid engines, Shell and Maserati have extended their long-standing technical and commercial collaboration with the launch of the new Shell Helix Ultra Hybrid 0W-30 oil for Maserati hybrid engines. This new product will be available in Europe and Asia from official Maserati dealerships.

Shell and Maserati’s collaboration dates back to 2007 and since then Maserati has recommended Shell lubricants in all its vehicles. The launch of this new co-branded motor oil for Maserati’s hybrid engines is the first step in the two brands’ commitment to work together to support Maserati’s electrification strategy. It joins the previous Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 and 10W-60 oils for Maserati petrol and diesel engines, which have been specifically developed to guarantee long-lasting performance and superior protection throughout the car’s engine lifespan. 

“Maserati has ignited the flame of its new energy solution, entering the world of electrification without betraying the brand’s core identity and DNA by choosing a hybrid solution focused primarily on improving performance, while also saving fuel and cutting emissions,” said Alberto Pantanelli, head of Maserati Parts & Service, Maserati Spa. “Integral to our long-standing relationship with Shell has been our close collaboration to develop new co-branded motor oils that allow our Maserati owners to optimise their engine’s power and performance.  Hybrid engines have specific lubrication requirements that can’t be met with motor oils that have been developed for internal combustion engines only. Shell’s innovation excellence and deep understanding of the specific technical requirements of electric drive trains have made them an ideal partner to deliver the high-quality products we both want to offer our Maserati drivers.”

“In this very significant year for the “Trident”, we are proud to have renewed our commercial and technical collaboration with the launch of this specialised co-branded lubricant for Maserati’s new hybrid engines,” said Steve Reindl, vice president, Shell Global Commercial, Global Key Accounts. “This is another milestone of the collaboration that Maserati and Shell started back in 2007 and we look forward to being Maserati’s Technology and Innovation partner of choice in their journey to electrification.”

Specially designed in collaboration with Maserati to meet the strict technical requirements of their high-performance hybrid engine, Shell Helix Ultra Hybrid 0W-30 fully synthetic motor oil provides exceptional sludge control and excellent turbocharger protection against extreme engine temperatures. Its low viscosity also offers protection against damage from Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) while delivering greater fuel consumption.

With the launch of the new hybrid engine product, the labels of the whole co-branded Maserati and Shell Helix Ultra engine oils product range have been completely redesigned with new premium features that embed and support Maserati’s new visual identity.