Master Fluid introduces latest innovation in metalworking fluids
Photo courtesy of Master Fluid Solutions

Master Fluid introduces latest innovation in metalworking fluids

Master Fluid Solutions has announced the launch of its latest innovation in metalworking fluids, the TRIM SC417. This new semi-synthetic coolant is specifically designed for a wide range of ferrous metal cutting and grinding operations, offering top-tier rust protection and low foam levels even in soft water areas.

TRIM SC417 is now available for purchase across Europe. “We are excited that our new TRIM SC417 joins our industry-leading TRIM family of metalworking fluids in the European market,” said Justin Geach, global director of Marketing at Master Fluid Solutions.

“TRIM SC417 is designed to lower customers’ total costs on ferrous machining with an economical and easy-to maintain semi-synthetic cutting and grinding fluid.”

According to Master Fluid Solutions, a global leader in the development and marketing of environmentally sound, durable, and stable metalworking fluids based in Perrysburg, Ohio, U.S.A., TRIM SC417 is engineered to excel in various machining processes, including grinding, milling, turning, drilling, and tapping. Its formulation ensures exceptional performance across these applications, making it a versatile choice for metalworking professionals.

One of the standout features of TRIM SC417 is its ability to provide the highest levels of rust protection for ferrous metals. This ensures longer-lasting protection and reduced maintenance costs for machinery and workpieces.

Even in soft water areas, TRIM SC417 maintains minimal foam levels, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the need for defoaming agents.

The coolant’s robust formulation makes it extremely tolerant to hard water, preventing issues such as residue build-up and maintaining consistent performance.

The clean-running properties of TRIM SC417 help prevent the loading of grinding wheels, ensuring superior surface finishes and minimal burning. This also reduces carry-off, contributing to lower total operating costs. Additionally, its fast-wetting ability allows the fluid to reach the point of cut quickly, providing superior corrosion prevention.

TRIM SC417 is easily recycled and can be disposed of without special handling or equipment, aligning with Master Fluid Solutions’ commitment to environmental responsibility.