Master Fluid launches high-lubricity, low-foam semi-synthetic MWF
Photo courtesy of Master Fluid Solutions

Master Fluid launches high-lubricity, low-foam semi-synthetic MWF

Master Fluid Solutions has unveiled its latest innovation, the TRIM® MicroSol® 685XT. This semi-synthetic microemulsion coolant is designed to bridge the gap between the robust performance of heavy-duty soluble oils and the pristine cleanliness of semi-synthetics.

Based in Perrysburg, Ohio, U.S.A., Master Fluid Solutions offers a comprehensive range of cutting and grinding fluids, straight oils, and corrosion control fluids under its renowned brands TRIM®, WEDOLiT™, and Master STAGES™. 

The TRIM MicroSol 685XT stands out for its exceptional corrosion prevention capabilities on both ferrous and nonferrous metals. It is especially adept in scenarios where conventional soluble oils might fall short in providing adequate cooling, the company said.

“The introduction of TRIM MicroSol 685XT not only broadens our esteemed portfolio of metalworking fluids [MWF] for North America but also enhances the legacy of MicroSol 685 by refining its foam profile. This makes it ideal for the high-pressure, high-volume demands of modern CNC machines,” said Justin Geach, global director of Marketing.

The product’s versatility is evident in its compatibility with a diverse range of materials, including high-silica aluminum alloys. Furthermore, its resilience in hard water environments ensures prolonged sump life without the need for additional tank side additives. Notably, the TRIM MicroSol 685XT is devoid of nitrites, phenols, sulfurized extreme pressure (EP) additives, and triazine, underscoring its commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.

This new addition to Master Fluid Solutions’ lineup of semi-synthetic microemulsion coolants is now available across North America.