MAUSER Group acquires Berenfield Containers

MAUSER Group, a worldwide leading company in industrial packaging based in Bruehl, Germany, announced the acquisition of Berenfield Containers by its U.S. subsidiary, MAUSER USA, LLC.

Established in 1914 in Pittsburgh, Penn., Berenfield Containers operates six manufacturing facilities in five cities in the United States, producing a variety of steel and fiber drums. A privately held business but now headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Berenfield Containers has been at the forefront of industrial packaging production in the U.S., serving a diverse customer base.   Lubricants, metals, chemicals, food products and pharmaceuticals are representative of American-made products shipped in Berenfield packages around the country and around the world.  The company’s product line includes a full range of standard steel drums, fibre drums, steel/poly composite drums, ISO Open Head Steel Drums and ISO Tight Head Steel Drums.

The Berenfield operations will be combined with the MAUSER network of 20 North American drum and IBC plants to offer improved service, support and reliability to the combined customer base.

The acquisition further demonstrates MAUSER’s commitment to invest in steel and fiber drum capabilities in North America in order to provide a broader geographic footprint and an expanded product offering for its customers, the company said.

“We are excited to add Berenfield’s highly experienced team and locations to expand MAUSER’s manufacturing capabilities in the United States,” remarked Glenn Frommer, president and CEO of MAUSER USA, LLC. “Our customers expect a high quality global standard for packaging, available in locations convenient to their operations, and Berenfield Containers has offered this high level of service and support for more than a century. We are delighted to add innovative manufacturing capabilities and a broader range of products – including a wide range of drum sizes – to the MAUSER portfolio. ”

“When you combine two companies, each with more than 100 years of experience, there are tremendous opportunities for growth,” said Len Berenfield, president and CEO of Berenfield Containers. “Berenfield’s North American focus on steel and fiber drum manufacturing, in conjunction with MAUSER’s global leadership in industrial packaging, will create tremendous benefits for our customers. These include more convenient production sites, expanded product offerings, and access to a global network of experts and best practices.”

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