Mazda Motor unveils next generation SKYACTIV-X gasoline engine at Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda Motor Corp. has unveiled two concept models, the Mazda KAI CONCEPT and the Mazda VISION COUPE, at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show which is organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).

The Mazda KAI CONCEPT compact hatchback heralds a new generation of Mazda cars. Featuring the next-generation SKYACTIV-X gasoline engine, SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture and a more mature expression of the KODO design language, the model embodies the technology, engineering and design concepts that will define the next generation of Mazda cars.

The VISION COUPE represents Mazda’s design vision for next-generation models; a more mature expression of KODO applies a Japanese aesthetic to achieve more elegant and premium styling. The exterior features a “one motion” form that exudes a sense of speed and the interior combines three-dimensional depth with a strong longitudinal axis to create a relaxed space that maintains a sense of speed.

When it launches the SKYACTIV-X gasoline engine in 2019, Mazda says it will deliver as much as 30% fuel efficiency over its Skyactiv-G engine, already one of the most fuel-efficient gasoline engines on the market.

“Our resources are limited, so unlike bigger automakers, we don’t have the array of options in which to invest our R&D funds,” said Mitsuo Hitomi, managing executive officer at Mazda who oversees engine development. “That’s why we’re betting on this technology … We were determined that no matter what, we would develop this engine,” Hitomi told Reuters.

The next-generation SKYACTIV-X gasoline engine is a revolutionary powerplant that combines the free-revving characteristics of a gasoline engine with the fuel efficiency, torque and fast initial response of a diesel unit.

Mazda’s engineering team began developing the engine around the time it completed developing its Skyactiv-G engine, which came out in 2011. SKYACTIV-X is set to become the world’s first commercial gasoline engine to use compression ignition to realize an unprecedented level of sharp engine response and torqueful acceleration combined with higher fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions than ever before.

At the same time as pursuing this ideal internal combustion engine, Mazda also developed a new platform, next-generation SKYACTIV-VEHICLE ARCHITECTURE, with increased focus on its human-centered design philosophy to maximize the inherent ability of the human body. Together, these groundbreaking next-generation technologies synergistically support Mazda’s world-renowned “Jinba-ittai” driving experience.