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Mercedes-Benz approves B10 for its diesel vehicles in Malaysia

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia said it has evaluated carefully the influence of B10 (10% biodiesel-90% petroleum diesel blend) on diesel vehicles being sold for the Malaysian market and is now able to confirm its compatibility.

“After having initially stated that the B10 biodiesel blend requires further consideration, we are now pleased to inform our customers about the B10 biodiesel blend suitability for all Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles currently sold by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia,” Mercedes-Benz Malaysia President and CEO Roland Folger said.

“According to the experiences of Daimler AG’s research and development division no risks with B10 are expected for our current diesel vehicle fleet in Malaysia,” the company said in a statement.

“We have service intervals of 12,000 kilometers to ensure that our customers are not affected by the diesel quality. Our diesel-powered vehicles currently sold in Malaysia were seen to have run both smoothly and safely with the use of the B10 biodiesel blend,” Folger added.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia said it has always championed sustainability and in doing so, encourages all relevant stakeholders to further consider other factors that may result from the introduction of B10, including environmental, technological and economic impact.

“Moving forward with the introduction of new models, the introduction of Euro 5/6 exhaust regulation and/or changes in diesel fuel quality, we will need to re-evaluate our findings,โ€ he said. โ€œTogether, we remain committed to supporting Malaysia’s ambitions of becoming an energy-efficient vehicle hub in line with global standards, and hope that such considerations are taken into account.โ€