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MG Motor, Castrol India and Jio-bp explore EV charging solutions

MG Motor, Castrol India and Jio-bp explore EV charging solutions
Photo courtesy of Jio-bp

MG Motor India and Castrol India will collaborate with Jio-bp to explore mobility solutions for electric cars. Under the partnership, Jio-bp, MG Motor and Castrol will explore setting up four-wheeler electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and expand Castrol’s existing auto service network to cater to EV Customers.

The partnership is in line with Jio-bp and MG Motor’s commitment to provide a vast and reliable charging infrastructure to electric car customers and accelerate EV adoption in India. Jio-bp, the Indian fuels and mobility joint venture between Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and bp, is creating an ecosystem that will benefit all the stakeholders in the EV value chain. Last year, the company constructed and launched two of India’s largest EV charging hubs. The JV’s electric mobility business, offering charging infrastructure to Indian consumers, operates under the brand Jio-bp pulse. With the Jio-bp pulse mobile app, customers can easily find charging stations nearby and seamlessly charge their EVs.

Since its inception in India, MG Motor has been committed to electric mobility with a vision to build a sustainable future. The strategic partnership is aimed at creating EV-friendly roads for inter-city and intra-city travel by setting up a robust EV charging and service infrastructure in the country. Along with the launch of India’s First Pure Electric Internet SUV, the ZS EV which offers an updated range of 461 km in a single charge, MG has taken multiple steps towards strengthening the EV ecosystem.

Under the partnership, Castrol will develop and expand its existing multi-brand Auto Service network and Express Oil Change centers to start serving four-wheeler electric cars. These services will be offered across India at both Jio-bp mobility stations as well as select Castrol Auto Service workshops initially, to serve both EV and non-EV four-wheelers. Further, Castrol will help set up EV charging infrastructure across its auto service network. With rising EV adoption, car mechanics will require training on the latest automotive technologies. Castrol will leverage its access to a vast pool of car mechanics and offer them specialized EV training and certification.