Midwest launches new synthetic rail lubricant

Midwest Industrial Supply Inc., the company that pioneered the use of synthetic fluid lubricants for rail switches based in Canton, Ohio, U.S.A., announced the release of Glidex MC, a new synthetic rail lubricant that lasts longer and reduces friction even more effectively than their existing, market-leading product.

The launch signals Midwest’s effort to extend their lead in the market with products that are years ahead of other switch lubricants. Glidex MC’s improved chemistry contains a specially formulated additive that reduces oxidation and makes the lubrication treatment last significantly longer than before. The new product was developed to contain residual properties, which means it has a cumulative effect that will effectively inhibit metal corrosion.

The lubricants are designed to facilitate easy movement and better performance than any other friction-reducing products. Fully functional year-round and in any type of climate, Glidex MC can be used for switches in rail yards, steel mills, mining sites and storage facilities at operating temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees F.

Unlike traditional graphite-based technology that can be messy, wasteful, and harmful to the environment, Glidex MC serves as a long-lasting protective coating that achieves unprecedented levels of lubrication. It also exceeds all environmental standards, including the California Environmental Protection Agency’s compliance regulations.