Mitsui's U.S. venture advances CO2 to methanol production
Photo courtesy of Mitsui

Mitsui’s U.S. venture advances CO2 to methanol production

In a landmark development for sustainable energy, Fairway Methanol LLC, a United States joint venture between Tokyo-based Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Celanese Corporation, has initiated the production of methanol utilising carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This initiative represents a pivotal step in carbon capture and utilisation (CCU), a key area of Mitsui’s environmental strategy.

Located in the United States, Fairway Methanol is designed to capture 180,000 metric tons of CO2 annually, transforming it into 130,000 metric tons of low-carbon methanol. This innovative approach elevates the plant’s annual methanol production capacity to 1.63 million metric tons.

The project reflects Mitsui’s broader commitment to carbon recycling, viewing CO2 not as waste but as a valuable resource. This perspective aligns with the company’s Medium-term Management Plan 2026, which emphasises the Global Energy Transition as a strategic priority. By converting emitted CO2 into chemical products, Mitsui demonstrates its dedication to circularity, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and fostering sustainable societal development.

This CO2-to-methanol production is part of Mitsui’s diverse low-carbon solutions in its methanol business portfolio. It complements the company’s existing ventures, such as the bio-methanol production at Fairway Methanol and the e-methanol production at Solar Park Kasso in Denmark.

Mitsui’s innovative approach to CO2 utilisation aligns with its mission of “Build brighter futures, everywhere.” The company focuses on material issues for sustainable growth, such as securing a sustainable supply of essential products, enhancing quality of life, and creating an eco-friendly society. This project significantly contributes to these goals, underscoring Mitsui’s commitment to environmental stewardship and innovative energy solutions.