Mobil Oil Australia appoints Southern Cross Lubes as new sole authorised distributor

Mobil Oil Australia appoints Southern Cross Lubes as new sole authorised distributor
Photo courtesy of Southern Cross Lubes.

Mobil Oil Australia has appointed Southern Cross Lubes as a new sole authorised Mobil oil and lubricants distributor for New South Wales. Southern Cross Lubes has an existing distributorship with Mobil Oil Australia in Victoria and Tasmania.

The shift from direct distribution to a full distributor-based model in 2007 saw all direct Mobil customers referred to the authorised oil distributors within their respective states. This move was facilitated to give Mobil customers across Australia personalised, local service and create a more responsive distribution funnel without limiting product availability.

Authorised distributors maintain unique access to Mobil’s research and development efforts as well as support from both global and local, Sydney-based Mobil staff members.

Over the last decade, this distribution model has seen Southern Cross Lubes, and fellow distributors, pass through a period of growth. It enables higher service standards for Mobil customers and a closer understanding of clients’ needs within their allocated territories.

As Southern Cross Lubes expands north across the border, General Manager Guy Crawford believes the expansion will facilitate growth in two key directions.

“We see this as an exciting opportunity for growth, not only with new and existing customers of the Mobil brand in New South Wales but also with current Victoria or Tasmania based customers who may have business in New South Wales.”

The movement into New South Wales is also reinforced by Southern Cross Lubes now supplying ExxonMobil Global Marine customers across the marine ports in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

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