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Morris Lubricants announces new investment to improve production

Morris Lubricants announces new investment to improve production
Photo courtesy of Morris Lubricants

Independent lubricant company Morris Lubricants, which celebrated its 150th anniversary last December, has received board approval for two major projects to improve production and reception facilities at its headquarters located in Shrewsbury, UK.

The first project will see production lines brought together in one location at the Castle Foregate works and a brand-new array of storage tanks installed to serve them.

โ€œWorkflow and material handling will be optimised and blending facilities will be enhanced to enable us to make smaller volumes of lubricants more efficiently,โ€ said Managing Director Chris Slezakowski. โ€œThis will meet the needs of a changing market where our range of premium products is a key strength.โ€

The second project will refurbish and upgrade the reception area of the companyโ€™s offices to provide up-to-date meeting facilities.

Both projects will be led by Steve Reading, group engineering manager, who last year designed and managed the installation of a new digitally controlled bulk filling line.ย  Investment in this project, which increased the flexibility, control and speed of its bulk filling line, was GBP200,000 (USD239,879). In addition to the new bulk filling line, Morris Lubricants also invested GBP150,000 (USD179,909) last year to improve its delivery service, ensuring that most customers receive their orders within 48 hours. This new investment will amount to GBP1.6 million (USD1.9 million).

โ€œThe time scale for completion of the production facilities is around two years because itโ€™s important that we maintain supplies while carrying out the work,โ€ Slezakowski said.

โ€œWe will be relocating stores, production lines and workstations to free up space to build the new facilities. The reception area project will be completed much quicker.

โ€œI am excited about the boardโ€™s confidence in the business and the benefits that these investments will bring to the long-term future of Morris Lubricants.โ€

The company is also expected to announce plans, later this year, to develop its sister business, GB Lubricants, in Gateshead.