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Morris Lubricants gains new distributor in Kenya

Shrewsbury, UK-based Morris Lubricants, one of the largest independently owned oil blenders in Europe, announced that it has secured a new distributor in Kenya, following a big push by the company across West Africa.

The company now exports to more than 80 countries worldwide and is a well-known brand in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Mauritania.

โ€œWe have seen impressive growth in the last few years, and our overseas sales have certainly played a big part in that,โ€ said Stephen Dawe, international business director at Morris Lubricants.

โ€œWe are opening up new territories and securing new business in countries that were notoriously difficult to break into in previous years,โ€ he said.

โ€œThe key to our success is high quality. Consumers across the globe are looking for better lubricants, and when quality is the prime differentiator, pricing issues become less significantโ€.

Dawe said Morris Lubricantsโ€™ recent success overseas could be partly attributed to the launch of their latest Versimax brand of commercial vehicle products, together with the growth of new generation gas engine lubricants.