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Motiva expands 76 brand into the U.S. state of Florida

Motiva expands 76 brand into the U.S. state of Florida
Photo courtesy of Motiva.

Motiva, headquartered in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., has expanded the 76®brand into the U.S. state Florida, making it the 10th state to have 76® gas supplied by Motiva. As part of its initial launch of the 76® brand into Florida, Motiva executed wholesale distribution and marketing agreements with First Coast Energy and KARS Petro Distributors to supply 76® branded fuel to their retail sites.

Located in 35 cities from Jacksonville to Naples, the 76® stations will span the entire state and will feature the 76® “Crest” imaging with an orange and blue legacy color palette. By the end of 2018, Florida drivers will be able to fill their vehicles with 76®brand’s TOP TIER® gas at more than 65 gas stations from these leading wholesalers.

“We are excited to have First Coast Energy and KARS Petro as our first 76® brand wholesalers in Florida,” said Paul McWhirter, Motiva’s sales manager for the 76® brand. “They embody the qualities we look for in our 76® wholesalers – focused on delivering the highest quality of professionalism, expertise and dedication to promoting the brand.”

Working closely with wholesalers, Motiva will launch localized marketing efforts as stations are rebranded with 76®. Marketing support will include driving promotions; local community partnerships and sponsorships; site-specific advertising programs; and targeted media buys, such as billboards, radio, digital and social advertising.

“The 76® brand has a strong heritage in Florida, and the local marketing and advertising will help pull drivers into stations,” said Raj Shah, president of KARS Petro Distributors. “We’ve seen how successful 76® is on the West Coast, and we are excited to team up with Motiva to re-ignite the brand on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.”

Motiva doubled its 76® brand sales team and strengthened its supply position in 2018 to target key markets, such as Florida. The company maintains a 99% supply reliability performance on gasoline, and its wholesalers can access loading and systems support through the company’s in-house Loading Support Services Help Desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“I’ve been working with fuel wholesalers in the southeastern U.S. for more than 20 years,” said Jim Mills, Motiva’s 76 territory manager. “There is a great deal of passion and a lot of fond nostalgia for the 76® brand in this part of the country. Many wholesalers are excited to see Motiva bring it back to the region.”

76® is a registered trademark owned by Phillips 66 Company and licensed for exclusive use by Motiva Enterprises LLC in 26 gulf and east coast states. The 76® brand has been on the driver’s side for more than 80 years and sells TOP TIER® gas that benefits vehicles and the environment, as it helps clean engines, burn less fuel and reduce emissions.