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Motul strikes deal with Italian motorcycle manufacturer

Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta has signed a wide-ranging global partnership with French lubricant company Motul. The agreement involves the use of the company’s extensive range of products at all levels in the Italian marque’s factory, as well as factory fill and service fill for all motorcycles bearing the  brand’s name.

“I do not consider this a simple business partnership with a leading brand in the lubricants industry, but a tribute to the fundamental ingredient in the process of manufacturing our motorbikes; a completely handmade process in which, every gear is assembled entirely by hand. I am delighted that this ingredient has finally found its place of prominence with our new agreement,” said Giovanni Castiglioni, president and CEO, MV Agusta.

“We are delighted to announce this new partnership with a brand as iconic, legendary and prestigious as MV Agusta. High quality and performance are common denominators between our two companies and we also share a real passion for racing. We have no doubt that this partnership will very quickly bear fruit both on track and through our distribution network,” said Marco Baraldi, general manager, Motul Italy.

MV Agusta’s production facilities in Varese also will use products from Motul Group’s industrial lubricants division, MotulTech. The agreement with MV Agusta will include the supply of Industrial maintenance lubricants such as hydraulic, gear and slideway oils and greases.