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Nayara Energy to sell Shell lubricants at retail outlets in India

Nayara Energy to sell Shell lubricants at retail outlets in India
Photo courtesy of Shell Lubricants

Nayara Energy, formerly known as Essar Oil, announced a strategic partnership with Shell Lubricants, which will allow it to offer Shell Lubricants’ products at Nayara and Essar fuel stations. Nayara Energy, the fastest growing pan-India private fuel retail network, operates an extensive network of more than 5,900 fuel stations across India.

“The partnership of Nayara Energy and Shell Lubricants will leverage the combined strength of both brands to offer world-class products and services to cater to evolving needs of our customers across the country, while reinforcing Nayara Energy’s commitment to excellence across the value chain,” said B. Anand, CEO, Nayara Energy.

“We are delighted to partner with Shell Lubricants to cater to the growing need of mobility and convenience in India. This partnership will enable Nayara Energy to elevate customer experience across our extensive network in India,” said Stephan Beyeler, chief marketing officer, Nayara Energy. 

“Our customers are always at the heart of all our efforts. Our partnership with Nayara Energy is a testimony to our shared principles and like-minded approach towards delivering maximum satisfaction, in line with the evolving needs of our consumers. With this partnership, we will also expand our presence in the lubricants market across India bringing our world-class technology, products and service offerings to a much larger number of consumers. There is great potential for further growth in the Indian market, especially in non-metro cities, which we intend to service through this partnership,” said Raman Ojha, country head, Shell Lubricants India.

In August 2017, Rosneft Singapore Pte Limited (49.13%) and Kesani Enterprises Company Limited (49.13%) acquired a 98.26% equity stake in Nayara Energy, along with captive port and power assets. Kesani Enterprises Company Limited is owned by Trafigura Holdings Pte Ltd (49%), United Capital Partners PE Investments Ltd (49%) and Oil Holdings Ltd (2%). In 2018, they renamed the company to Nayara Energy, from the Hindi word naya (new) and the English word era.

Since October 1, 2020, Nayara Energy has been launching new retail outlets with the Nayara brand and has already unveiled more than 200 new Nayara fuel stations in the country.

In addition to its extensive fuel retail footprint, Nayara Energy also operates India’s second largest single-site, state-of-the-art refinery, the Vadinar refinery, in Gujarat. The Vadinar refinery represents approximately 8% of India’s total refining capacity.