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NCH Korea launches new automated grease injection device and dedicated grease

NCH Korea’s lubricants business unit has launched NK-300AGC and NK-CBGC, which are automated grease injection devices to manage industrial machineries, as well as dedicated grease.

“NCH Lubricants is currently focusing on grease lubrication management in the first half of the year. However, in the second half, we will also focus on oil lubrication management, and also announce new specialised device for efficient oil lubrication management,” said Dongeun Kim, country manager, NCH Korea.

NCH lubricants business unit announced last April its plan for commercialisation. Since then, it has been providing specialised training for technical sales leaders, as well as putting various types of efforts to provide solution to current lubrication management system with NCH’s diverse specialised lubricants and professional equipment.

In particular, this recently launched NCH automated grease injection device and dedicated grease are part of NCH Lubricants business unit’s newest solutions.

Current automated lubrication devices using spring method or gas discharge method make use of low-cost general grease, making it difficult to find out the cause of equipment failure. NK-300AGC and NK-CBGC controls the amount of grease with a pump or a piston. They work with electricity or batteries and the amount of grease left inside can be instantly checked visually. Also, they can resist sudden change in temperature or vibration.

“Our customers face various problems in lubrication management, such as lack of lubrication manager, low reliability in current lubrication devices, and increased need for lubrication management caused by modernisation of devices,” said Kim.