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Nepal imposes restrictions due to fuel shortage

The Nepalese government has enforced an odd-even system for all kinds of vehicles plying in major cities to reduce the impact of the fuel crisis engulfing the country, following unrest in Nepal’s Terai plains that has led to the blockade of the Birgunj trade checkpoint with India.

Nepalese officials said the fuel crisis has further worsened as Indian customs and security officials are stalling cargo movement to Nepal and Indian Oil Corp. has stopped supplying petroleum products to Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC).

International airlines have also been asked to refuel their planes abroad, citing insufficient stocks at NOC’s Tribhuvan International Airport depot.

“Continued obstruction at border customs points and the IOC halting supply of petroleum products have created an abnormal situation in fuel supply,” a statement issued by Nepal’s Home Ministry said.

At least 40 people have died in more than a month of clashes between police and protesters from the Madhesi and Tharu communities and ethnic minorities who say the new internal borders leave them underrepresented in the country’s Parliament.