April 08, 2020

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Neste updates names in the renewable product family
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Finland’s Neste, which has a renewal diesel facility in Singapore, has decided to update the names and logos of the company’s renewable products and product families to support the Neste brand. This is a natural continuation of the name reform that began in June 2015 with the company’s name change from Neste Oil to Neste and continued with the name change of the Neste station network started in 2016.

Neste replaces all its “NEXBTL” product family brand names with “Neste Renewable” product family brand names. The new product and product family names will come into effect immediately. For example, the company’s flagship product “NEXBTL Renewable Diesel” is now “Neste Renewable Diesel.”

“The business for renewable products is on the rise, and the market is global. We want our customers around the world to know Neste Renewables as a solution reducing emissions,” says Kaisa Hietala, EVP, Renewable Products business area.

“The primary purpose of the name changes is to communicate about one Neste that also includes renewable products. By strengthening the Neste brand, we aim to expand the product families in the future with new products and communicate about them globally with a consistent way that is constructive from the entire group’s point of view,” says Osmo Kammonen, SVP, Communications and Brand Marketing at Neste.

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