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ClipperData And Eqlim Combine Algorithmic Data Mining With Expert Oil Market Analysis To Improve Trading And Operational Decision-Making

New IMPACT ALERTS product simultaneously delivers real-time supply chain event detection and quantitative impact analysis.

NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ClipperData LLC, the global leader in real-time crude oil and petroleum product cargo tracking, and Eqlim, a pioneer in the field of real-time risk intelligence, today announced the release of their second-generation "Impact Alerts" service.

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"Our clients have asked us to further narrow the focus of our service by allowing filtering on severity, geography and type of event," says Abudi Zein, ClipperData's Chief Executive Officer. "Our new approach uses mostly quantitative criteria, as well as human judgement, to separate signal from noise. This is not news, it's instant quantification of disruptive events to speed up decision-making."

Impact Alerts starts with algorithmic data mining of global social media feeds across many languages and dialects to detect disruptions in the energy supply chain. Analysts with experience in geopolitics, economics, refinery operations and oil markets then select which alerts to send to clients. Users then get what occurred, the coordinates of where it occurred, and the quantitative impact of the occurrence.

"With this second-generation product, clients can customize the alerts to their own particular trading strategy," says Eqlim's Chief Executive Officer, Hassan Alassaad. "There's really no other product on the market like this."

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ClipperData, headquartered in New York City, holds exclusive partnerships with Datamyne, giving us extensive access to U.S. Customs & Border Protection data, and Inchcape Shipping Services, the world's largest port agent. ClipperData offers the industry's most comprehensive database of waterborne – oceangoing, inland barge, ship-to-ship and floating storage – flows of all crude oil and petroleum products worldwide. ClipperData delivers unrivalled real-time transparency: by ship, grade, API gravity, volume, load/discharge port and dock, along with consignee information. www.clipperdata.com

Eqlim is a data company combining open source risk intelligence with human oversight. Based on technology that processes multi-lingual and multi-sourced content, Eqlim provides global real-time coverage for a wide spectrum of geopolitical, operational, and environment related events impacting economic networks. www.eqlim.com

Contact: David Francoeur, 617-852-8868, [email protected]

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