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SCI Oil & Gas Industry Seminar Successfully Held at IP WEEK, London

BEIJING, March 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SCI successfully held Oil and Gas Industry Seminar 2019 during the International Petroleum (IP) Week 2019 hosted by the Energy Institute in February.

Over 60 participants from 40 companies, including Bloomberg, Koch, Gazprom, Eni, Chevron, Ineos, ENGIE, Centrica, etc., attended the seminar and exchanged ideas on hot industry topics with SCI analysts.

Mr. John Cai, CEO of SCI, briefed on the mission and business perspectives of SCI during the opening speech. Mr. Cai believes China's oil and gas industries development may bring both opportunities and challenges to all global & local market participants.

Michael Mao presented the outstanding performance of China LNG industry in 2018, and conducted an in-depth analysis on future industry entrants and import potentials. He believes with the continuous market-orientation reforms in China natural gas industry, an increasing number of participants will get involved in import businesses. Though facing great challenges from natural gas and other substitutes, China's LPG industry will have a notable supply gap to be fulfilled by imports in the future, which is expected to bring opportunities for China alkane deep-processing players.

James Gao then shared his insights on China's oil refining and bunker industries. He said the emerging of private refining projects in China in recent years stimulated the diversification of supply pattern in China's oil refining industry. China's oil refining industry may experience a shuffle and integration in the next five years. Meanwhile, the low-sulfur trend of the global bunker market will bring opportunities for China's bunker industry. James Gao reckons China has enough ability to achieve self-sufficiency in the low-sulfur bunker supply in the near future, and even may export to key global markets with central government's policy support.

Recently, SCI has provided information and consulting services, covering basic data, high-end reports, market studies, customized reports, etc. for various leading enterprises from over 30 countries including the U.S., the U.K., Russia, Singapore, etc. Focusing on China and serving global customers, SCI has been recognized as the one to trust for the Chinese commodity market. SCI gains in-depth insights into China energy, chemical, agricultural and metal industry performance, policies and industry trends.

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