SVOLT Unveils its SV ‘600’ Strategy and Short Blade Category Products at 2nd Annual SVOLT Battery Day

CHANGZHOU, China, Dec. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ("SVOLT"), a leading Chinese EV battery manufacturer, recently held their 2nd Annual SVOLT Battery Day in collaboration with the Jintan District Government in Changzhou on December 8, unveiling its SV '600' Strategy to reach 600GWh production capacity by 2025 as well as launching their new short blade battery for extensive electrification applications.

On Battery Day, SVOLT Chairman and CEO, Yang Hongxin launched the SV '600' Strategy saying it represents a significant window for Chinese enterprises to continuously take the lead as well as an opportunity to become a global smart EV brand that is front and center in customers' minds in terms of the electrification trend.

To achieve this challenging target, SVOLT also launched four supporting strategies to drive implementation including:

  1. Product category innovation: Use technology innovation to create the most competitive products and to lay out the application market for new energy globally.
  2. AI ecological intelligent manufacturing strategy: Establish an AI Eco-Alliance to enable the support of customers' rapidly growing delivery demands along with faster production efficiency, higher production processes, and lower manufacturing costs.
  3. Supply-chain strategy: Create a safe supply chain ecological partner system with an innovative collaboration model of procurement and supply, ensuring demand for production capacity supply.
  4. Capital collaboration strategy: Rely on industrial support funding to promote industrial integration in the power battery sector to realize the coordinated development of the industrial chain.

Furthermore, SVOLT also launched a new short blade product category for extensive electrification applications. The newly-launched short blade cells contain a full range of sizes from L300 to L600, covering the whole charging range from 1.6-4C and can be used in different application scenarios such as L600 and L300 for passenger battery electric vehicles (BEV), L400 for passenger hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), L500 for both energy storage and commercial vehicles, and both the L300 and L400 for off-highway, lower speed EVs.

Additionally, SVOLT has rolled out its 4C fast-charging technology, thermal insulation technology, and super-fast 800V battery charging system, as well as high-efficiency thermal management technology that guarantees high safety, top performance and the efficient manufacturing of short-blade products. According to Yang Hongxin, SVOLT will build a short blade battery giga-factory which he foresees being amongst the most competitive products in the future.

As a high-tech enterprise in the global EV battery industry, SVOLT has launched a series of disruptive innovation achievements such as high-speed stacking process, cobalt-free cathode materials and an automotive standard AI smart factory. In the global market, SVOLT ranked tenth on the global EV battery manufacturers' installation capacity Top 10 list this August. In the China market, according to installed capacity data released by the China Automotive Battery Innovation Alliance, SVOLT ranked among the Top 7 on the list in October.


SVOLT is a high-tech enterprise in the global EV battery industry with the vision To Be a Global Energy Interconnection Technology Company. It has started to build a carbon footprint system spanning the whole life cycle of EV batteries, which can meet sustainable development requirements, safety and use of recycled raw materials in the future.

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