Vasari Energy Offers Overseas Investment Partnership of up to 500 MW in U.S. Solar Development

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Vasari Energy has created a promising partnership opportunity for foreign investment in U.S. clean energy projects. The leading California based solar energy company has announced interest in partnering with Chinese investors for individual project financing.

Vasari Energy invites all interested parties and investors to contact Vasari Energy's investor relations team at [email protected]

"We are very excited to present international investors with this opportunity to participate in the rewards of our country's vast growth in clean energy resources," said Sam Lipman, CEO of Vasari Energy. "We believe that commercial cooperation between the two nations offers substantial benefits for China, the U.S. and the global environment as a whole."

Investing in solar plants in the U.S. creates tremendous export opportunities for Chinese energy companies while opening up new markets for their products, strengthening economic leadership at home and abroad.

Vasari Energy's U.S. solar projects are an ideal investment for Chinese SOEs and Vasari Energy is positioned to provide these companies with stable capital gains in the U.S. China's solar industry relies on the international market for 95 percent of its sales, making overseas investments in solar power plants an effective method to directly generate revenue.

"We recognize China as an important partner for U.S. renewable providers," said Steven Smith, VP of Investor Relations at Vasari Energy on the partnership strategy. "China can bring investment and an enormous future market, and the United States can reciprocate with innovation and strong, clean energy demand."

Vasari Energy has established a reputation for growth and stability within the rapidly-expanding American solar market. The Company's current pipeline of solar energy projects have an estimated power potential of 340 megawatts in California, Arizona, and Texas, and a build out value of approximately $476 million. Through its various investments, the Company aims to reach operating capacity of 700 MW by the end of 2020.

About Vasari Energy

Vasari Energy, Inc. is a California-based solar energy provider committed to designing, developing and operating a global network of renewable energy solutions. The Company plays an active role in all phases of renewable energy generation, providing clean and reliable energy solutions that cultivate economic growth and sustainable communities.