NMMA launches Gasoline Protection Program™ with CQA

NMMA launches Gasoline Protection Program™ with CQA

The Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) has been selected as the licensing and quality control administrator of the new National Marine Manufacturers Association’s (NMMA) Gasoline Protection Program™ (GPP). In response to marketplace demands and evolving marine engine technology, the NMMA collaborated with CQA to develop this program. The GPP was implemented in order to assist boaters and manufacturers in identifying fuel additive products with proven performance which have been formulated to withstand the rigors of use in marine environments.

“Providing boat owners with the knowledge and product availability to properly care for their engines is of the utmost importance to the NMMA and its members,” said Scott Berry, director of Engineering Standards for NMMA. “All of our programs are designed to serve the best interests of the recreational boating industry and we look forward to working with CQA as we launch GPP.”

CQA will administer a rigorous testing process on candidate products prior to awarding certification, and then monitor and publish registered GPP brands to assist consumers in making informed decisions when purchasing fuel additive products for their marine engines. In addition, CQA performs audits of product performance, claims, and logo use to ensure that the products continue to comply with the standard.

“The program ensures that the registered products adhere to high-performance standards and are tested throughout the supply chain to certify that they meet or exceed all of the specifications of the standard,” said Bill Grzegorczyk, GPP program manager. ‘We are proud to bring our expertise, ingenuity, and collaboration skill set to this program. We’re thrilled to be working with the NMMA and their team!”

For more information about the Gasoline Protection Program™ or to register your products for certification contact visit https://www.centerforqa.com/gpp-about/.

The Center for Quality Assurance manages fluid licensing and quality control programs to protect equipment and improve the total ownership experience for consumers and operators. CQA provides full turnkey services from program development, administration, auditing, data control, financial oversight, and industry education. Since its founding in 2005, CQA has managed the following fluid licensing and quality control programs: DEXOS® engine oil (General Motors); ATF+4® automatic transmission fluid (Fiat Chrysler); TOP TIER® gasoline & diesel fuel (Consortium of 12 OEMs); and, Gasoline Protection Program™ (GPP) gasoline additive products (National Marine Manufacturers Association).