Novvi unveils first-ever renewable PAO to the lubricant market

Novvi LLC, headquartered in Emeryville, Calif., U.S.A., unveiled two new 100% renewable base oil products, a 100% renewable polyalphaolefin (PAO) Group IV base oil and a 100% renewable version of its NovaSpec Group III base oil. This is the first-ever renewable PAO to be introduced in the lubricant market.

Novvi is a joint venture between Amyris, Inc. and Cosan S.A. Industria e Comercio created to develop, produce, market, and distribute high-performance oils and lubricants from renewable sources.

“Novvi’s new 100% renewable base oil products are the next generation of revolutionary oils designed for performance at an unmatched value. Our unbeatable economics will drive renewable oils from niche applications to the mass market,” said Novvi CEO Jeff Brown.

“The market demand for oils and lubricants that can deliver performance without compromise to the environment was confirmed by the massive demand for our first NovaSpec base oil,” he said.

Novvi’s 100% renewable PAO is a clean, direct replacement for conventional Group IV base oils derived from petroleum and natural gas.

Simultaneously, the company introduced a 100% renewable version of NovaSpec, which is classified as Group III under the American Petroleum Institute (API) base oil classification system. The company earlier introduced a 50% renewable version of NovaSpec.

Novvi’s 100% renewable NovaSpec base oil enables lubricant formulators to blend renewable content with greater flexibility and more efficiently than ever before, the company said. The 100% renewable NovaSpec maintains the breakthrough biodegradability capability of Novvi base oils, offering an unmatched combination of performance and environmental characteristics, the company said.

Novvi oils are manufactured from renewable and sustainable feedstocks with Novvi’s advanced biotechnology and pioneering chemical conversion process. The company is currently shipping NovaSpec base oils from its plant in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., to a range of customers in automotive, marine and industrial markets around the world.

The company said it plans to scale production through strategic industry partnerships.

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