Nulon announces new range of engine oils
Photo courtesy of Nulon

Nulon announces new range of engine oils

Australian lubricant brand Nulon announced the launch of its most advanced and comprehensive range of engine oils to date featuring new technology platforms, the latest oil industry specifications and a wide range of OEM approvals and recommendations, following two years of development.

“The all-new range of engine oils is the most performance focused range of lubricants ever developed by the Aussie manufacturer and incorporates a new Good, Better, Best approach to lubricant recommendations with the introduction of the X-PROTECT, X-PRO and APEX+ brands,” said Tom Murray Nulon marketing manager.

Nulon’s top tier APEX+ featuring Advanced Fluid Dynamics technology represents the pinnacle of lubricant technology from Nulon.

With many modern vehicles featuring stop/start technology, higher operating temperatures, extreme cylinder pressures, direct injection technology, turbocharging and increased oil drain intervals, there is significantly more demand placed upon engine oils to clean, cool and protect.

Advanced Fluid Dynamic technology addresses these requirements, according to Nulon, by improving engine oil flow efficiency to reduce friction and maximise engine performance when needed. Nulon APEX+ flows faster at low temperatures and resists extreme pressure, heat, and wear of contacting metal surfaces to promote ultimate performance, fuel efficiency and protection in everyday stop/start and the most demanding driving conditions.

For the everyday performance enthusiast, Nulon has also developed the X-PRO range, which is suitable for a wide range of modern vehicles on Australian and New Zealand roads.

The X-PRO range of engine oils are formulated to meet and exceed the latest oil industry specifications. Formulated with advanced additive technology, the X-PRO range promotes higher levels of engine performance, according to Nulon.

The all-new X-PROTECT engine oils is Nulon’s everyday offering. All X-PROTECT engine oils are formulated with additive technology and premium detergents to promote engine cleanliness and increased protection for older vehicles. X-PROTECT was developed to meet the API SP service category.

The range of Nulon APEX+, X-PRO and X-PROTECT engine oils are available in Nulon’s new 4th generation EZY-2-POUR pack design. 

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