NYCO to consolidate its civil and military aviation activities into one business unit

NYCO, a leading European manufacturer of specialty lubricants and synthetic esters, said it is consolidating its commercial and military aviation activities into one business unit, which will be driven by Guillaume Forestier, previously director of the civil aviation division.

This new division is based on a new organisation and the creation of three strengthened units which has been operational since March 25:

  • A program development unit responsible for the approval of products in the civilian and military equipment;
  • A sales department focused on future commercial developments;
  • A customer support team dedicated to the satisfaction of its civil and military customers.

The new organisation’s goal is to meet market developments and to support the international expansion of NYCO.

“A leader in the defense market, NYCO has the ambition to become the leading supplier of high performance lubricants for commercial aircraft while supporting civil and military OEMs and aircraft manufacturers by meeting their current needs and developing the lubricants of tomorrow,” says Forestier, the newly appointed director of the new Aeronautics and Defense division of NYCO.

In only five years, NYCO, which entered the commercial aviation market in 2011, has managed to enter the market to compete with big oil companies and multiply by three its civil aviation products turnover and margin, the company said.