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NYK Group announces launch of innovative fuel additive for marine fuel oil

NYK and Nippon Yuka Kogyo Co. Ltd., an NYK Group company, announced the launch of an innovative fuel additive called Wax Breaker for Marine Gas Oil (MGO) and Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), that will help prevent coagulation at low temperatures. Wax Breaker can help improve the fluidity of fuel at low temperatures, thus preventing potential accidents.

MGO and MDO are standard marine fuel oils that are similar to light oil and A heavy oil, with a much lower viscosity than C heavy oil.

Marine fuel oil contains a lot of waxes that can coagulate when the ship enters regions with below zero temperatures. The waxes can solidify as the temperature of the fuel oil tank drops, which can result in engine troubles.

The new fuel additive can get between the molecules of paraffin crystals that cause coagulation, prevent them from enlarging, thus preventing coagulation.

NYK Group, based in Tokyo, Japan, has over the past 120+ years of its existence, evolved its business model from primarily focusing on maritime transport to becoming a comprehensive logistics provider with sea, land and air services.

Nippon Yuka Kogyo Co. Ltd., based in Yokohama, Japan, manufactures and markets marine chemical products, including fuel oil additives, industrial chemical cleaning agents, oil spill treatment agents, car wash detergents and waxes, etc. It also provides analysis of fuel oil, lubricating oil and water, consulting services, etc., as well as supply equipment and devices.