Nynas AB to launch high viscosity Naphthenic Base Oil T550 for the lubricant and grease industry

Nynas AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, announced the latest addition to its base oil portfolio, the T550. Clear and bright, T550 has high viscosity, further extending Nynas’ offering to the lubricant industry. T550 will be commercially available on a global scale in the third quarter. According to Gaia Franzolin, global marketing manager for the lubricant industry, Nynas Base Oil T550 will provide formulators with a competitive, high viscosity grade naphthenic base oil that can address the current shortage in paraffinic bright stocks. Base Oil T550 can be mixed with paraffinic base oils to increase viscosity, and due to its excellent solvency, can improve additive solubility as well. “Nynas Base Oil T550 is suitable for all industrial applications where high viscosity and appearance are critical. T550 performs very well in lubricating greases and several industrial lubricant formulations, and is also suitable for metal rolling and forming applications such as hot steel rolling, stamping and forging,” says Franzolin. In addition to its high viscosity, Nynas Base Oil T550 offers several advantages over paraffinic base oils, such as excellent low-temperature properties and superior solvency, the company said.