Nynas and Stena Recycling partner to recycle transformer oils
Photo courtesy of Nynas

Nynas and Stena Recycling partner to recycle transformer oils

In a significant move towards sustainable practices in the electrical industry, Nynas, a leading transformer oil producer based in Stockholm, Sweden, has joined forces with Stena Recycling, Sweden’s foremost recycling company. This strategic alliance aims to enhance the circular economy by combining Nynas’ advanced refining technology and sustainable product development with Stena’s expertise in recycling transformer oil.

Stena Recycling’s extensive European network plays a crucial role in collecting decommissioned electrical transformers and other utility equipment. Under this new collaboration, Stena will supply Nynas with used mineral insulating oils from these transformers, which Nynas will then process into circular transformer fluids.

In 2022, Nynas introduced NYTRO® RR 900X, a high-quality re-refined transformer oil. “NYTRO RR 900X offers transformer manufacturers and utilities a chance to engage in a circular economy, while maintaining the high-quality standard Nynas is known for,” says Simon Day, vice president of Sales & Marketing at Nynas. This product aligns with the stringent IEC 60296 edition 5 (2020) specifications, ensuring 100% of the feedstock is sourced from power equipment. NYTRO RR 900X is also on track to receive ISCC Plus certification.

Marika Rangstedt, sustainability manager at Nynas, highlights the environmental benefits of NYTRO RR 900X. “Our catalytic hydrogenation technology repurposes mineral oils from decommissioned transformers, which would otherwise be burnt and wasted. This not only saves resources by replacing virgin oil but also cuts over 70% of GHG emissions compared to virgin Nynas oil throughout its lifecycle.”

The partnership is set to support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electrical utilities, and transmission system operators (TSOs) in their shift towards sustainable circular solutions. Jan-Erik Andersson, head of Hazardous Waste at Stena Recycling, emphasises the company’s capacity to offer comprehensive and adaptable collection solutions. “With over 100 collection centres in Northern Europe and multiple storage locations for transformer oil, we are well-equipped to meet the industry’s needs,” he says.

This collaboration marks a significant step in the industry’s transition to more sustainable practices, showcasing how strategic partnerships can drive innovation and environmental stewardship.