Nynas appoints new market manager for tyre oils

Nynas has appointed a new market manager for the tyre oil segment, Herbert Fruhmann. He has worked at Nynas for almost nine years, most recently as the market manager for the base oils segment. Fruhmann will replace Thorsten Lutze in the role, who is now a global account manager at Nynas. “I’m very excited about this new position,” says Fruhmann. “Nynas has been working in the tyre oils industry for more than 20 years, so we have a lot of knowledge already, but there is always something coming up, like developing new grades for customers.” As market manager for tyre oils, Fruhmann is responsible for the overall management of the segment, including monitoring the market for trends and providing input on product development and sales. “In the tyre industry as a whole, there are several big trends right now,” he says. “For several years there has been a focus on tyres becoming more environmentally friendly, including the oils that go into them. Developing high performance tyres with low wear and better grip is also an important trend, as is improved fuel efficiency.”}

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