Nynas' bio-based products receive sustainability credentials
Photo courtesy of Nynas

Nynas’ bio-based products receive sustainability credentials

Swedish naphthenic base oil produce Nynas has received ISCC Plus certification for its bio-based products NYTRO® BIO 300X and NYTEX® BIO 6200.

NYTRO® BIO 300X is a renewable hydrocarbon-based insulating fluid with outstanding performance and which is also readily biodegradable. This product meets and exceeds the IEC 60296 specification and also has best-in-class cooling properties.

NYTEX® BIO 6200 is a tyre and rubber oil produced using renewable feedstock, delivering superior quality and high performance, including reduced rolling resistance.

ISCC Plus is a voluntary, globally recognised sustainability certification scheme that allows companies to demonstrate the sustainability credentials of their bio-based, bio-circular and circular materials. The certification scheme provides traceability across the value chain. 

“We are pleased to have received this certification for our two bio-based products,” says Simon Day, VP, Sales and Marketing at Nynas. “It confirms our commitment to providing our customers products with trustworthy sustainability credentials.”

Nynas has a broad portfolio of products with sustainable attributes originating from their quality and performance that contributes to, for instance, lower energy consumption, improved efficiency, recyclability and HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) in various industry processes and applications.

“In recent years, we have expanded this offer with the introduction of products with sustainable raw material credentials,” said Dr. Gaia Franzolin, marketing director, Naphthenics at Nynas. “With our bio-based grades NYTRO® BIO 300X and NYTEX® BIO 6200, and the circular NYTRO® RR 900X, we continue our work to support Nynas’ and our customers’ development toward a more sustainable future.”

The ISCC Plus certification is gaining ground in many of the industries where Nynas’ customers are active.

“For instance, the tyre industry has started to introduce the certification to apply a mass-balance approach in the formulation of tyres using sustainable raw materials,” said Marika Rangstedt, manager, Sustainable Development at Nynas. “Delivering certified raw material on demand is an important step in our continuous commitment to improving our performance and customer offering.”