November 23, 2020

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Nynas launches NYNAS® BT 22, a new base oil for metalworking and lubricants applications

Nynas launches NYNAS® BT 22, a new base oil for metalworking and lubricants applications
Photo courtesy of Nynas

Nynas announced the launch of NYNAS® BT 22, the latest base oil to be added to the Nynas portfolio, for metalworking and lubricants applications.

High in naphthenic carbon, NYNAS® BT 22 will be greatly appreciated in a market where the 22 cSt viscosity is much sought after. 

NYNAS® BT 22 is a highly refined base oil, with an optimised viscosity index (VI) for maximum cooling and to facilitate the blending with other base oils. 

“The low temperature performance of NYNAS® BT 22 is an improvement versus existing products at a similar viscosity,” says Gaia Franzolin, Nynas global marketing manager.

NYNAS BT 22 base oil has been developed to fulfil the increased demand for a grade with high naphthenic character. This new product is versatile enough to perform in stable emulsions and as a viscosity correction fluid in various lubricant applications, according to Nynas.

“The emulsion stability of NYNAS® BT 22 is excellent because of its high naphthenic carbon type content (Cn) and suitable aniline point,” said Thomas Norrby, senior specialist, Lubricants, at Nynas. 

“NYNAS BT 22 will find its place in metalworking fluids formulations such as emulsion coolants for metalworking operations with chip removal, which involve cutting, drilling, milling and turning. NYNAS BT 22 performs well in industrial lubricant applications including hydraulic fluids and greases.”

NYNAS BT 22 offers several advantages over paraffinic oils, such as excellent low-temperature properties and superior solvency. The product can be blended with other types of base oils to increase, or reduce, viscosity and improve the solvency of the blends.

“Remaining committed to providing consistent and high-quality specialty naphthenic oils worldwide, we are making NYNAS BT 22 available on a global basis through our extensive supply and distribution network,” Franzolin said.

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