Nynas launches re-refined transformer fluid for European market
Photo courtesy of Nynas

Nynas launches re-refined transformer fluid for European market

Swedish naphthenic base oil producer Nynas AB has launched NYTRO® RR 900X, a transformer fluid based on the most powerful and effective re-refining technology.

“NYTRO RR 900X contributes to sustainable development and raw material efficiency by reusing end-of-life transformer fluid. The Nynas refining process recovers valuable molecules that are no longer fit for service in their present form, making the best use of the fluid’s original production impact,” says Gaia Franzolin, marketing director, Nynas.

NYTRO RR 900X will only be available in Europe, to limit the impact of emissions from transportation.

The excellent performance of NYTRO RR 900X makes the product suitable for use in a wide range of electrical applications, including high voltage and high power transformers, says Nynas. The new grade complies with the IEC 60296 standard, which requires the feedstock of re-refined fluids to be sourced 100% from power equipment.

“NYTRO RR 900X retains the well-known dielectric behaviour of traditional naphthenic dielectric fluids. Nynas’ modern optimised hydrotreating technology has allowed us to deliver top-of-the range specifications that equal those of virgin oils,” says Rene Abrahams, market manager, Electrical Industry, at Nynas. “We want to give to our customers the confidence that the quality and the characteristics of NYTRO RR 900X are equal if not superior to those of our NYTRO high performing grades which are a world-wide reference,” she says.

At 100% recycling rate, over its lifetime NYTRO RR 900X produced a reduction of at least 70% in greenhouse gas emissions compared to a virgin transformer oil.

“Replacing one unit of virgin transformer oil with NYTRO RR 900X also means savings in crude consumption, crude being a finite resource. We are very proud of our contribution to the reduced environmental footprint of transformer oil production,” says Marika Rangstedt, sustainability manager, Nynas.

With the launch of NYTRO RR 900X, the company offers utilities and OEMs the opportunity to join the circular economy and contribute to greenhouse gas reduction targets.