Nynas Naphthenics appoints Serra-Holm to head marketing and technology department

Nynas Naphthenics, manufacturer of naphthenic base oils based in Stockholm, Sweden, announced a new marketing and technology department, which will be led by Valentina Serra-Holm.

Originally from Italy, Serra-Holm has two PhDs, one in chemical plants from the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, and the other in chemical reaction engineering from Åbo Akademi, Finland. She moved to Sweden in 2001 to work for Nynas, where she was most recently the marketing director.

“This new job is a dream job for me,” Serra-Holm says. “It combines the two things I am most passionate about: understanding and predicting the direction in which the market is moving and developing products and services that best meet the market demands. On the technical side, my goal is to strengthen our understanding of how our products perform in finished applications so we can provide even more value to customers.”

“Throughout our history, we’ve been committed to serve our customers in many different industries around the world,” says Serra-Holm. “Our customers face ever-changing demands – from new product development to adapting to new regulations. We help provide solutions to these demands with our product offering and our technical competence.”

As a board member of both the European Lubricating Grease Institute (ELGI) and the Union of the European Lubricants Industry (UEIL), Serra-Holm is frequently invited to speak at industry events.

“My work with industry associations and international conferences enables me to keep up to date with the most recent technological and regulatory developments,” she says. “In this way I can better understand the challenges that our customers are facing and predict industry trends in order to continue providing the market with a best-in-class product and service offering.”

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