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Nynas offers new range of naphthenic oils to minimize disruption from Group I closures

The on-going rationalization of Group I production across Europe has caused concern about shortages and the need to reformulate products.

Fears of Group I closures predate the recession, but it was once the European economic climate had started to improve that Group I production rationalization started becoming a reality in Western Europe, with 2015 seen as the year of transition.

โ€The transition creates opportunities,โ€ says Simon Day, vice president of Nynas Naphthenics. โ€During 2015, it is likely that over 1.5 million tonnes of Group I capacity will disappear from Western Europe, which is one-quarter of the regionโ€™s capacity.

The company decided early on to view the changing refinery landscape. โ€Nynas decided to target all industrial applications in which Group I oils are traditionally used, but with special attention to applications where solvency is important and where it could be challenging to convert to Group II base oils,โ€ says Valentina Serra-Holm, marketing director.

The company announced a new range of 12 oils, including Nybase 70/100/150/300/500/600 and the process oils Nyflex 3014/3022/3030/3060/3100/3120, which mimic key characteristics of the outgoing oils.

โ€One of our customers referred to our launch as the โ€™perfect strategic move at this point in timeโ€™,โ€ says Serra-Holm.

The impending shortages will be most acutely felt in North Western Europe, according to Nynas.

โ€There is a certain degree of preoccupation with finding alternatives, because the Group I customers understand that nobody is safe,โ€ says Serra-Holm. โ€Even in the countries where there are no closures announced, customers are already experiencing a shortage of heavier grades โ€“ from 100 centistokes (cSt) and up โ€“ and they are testing replacements from the heavy side of the Nynas product portfolio.โ€