Nynas opens depot for napthenic base oils in New Jersey

Nynas announced that it will extend its storage capacity and distribution network for naphthenic specialty oils in the United States and Canada, with a depot in New Jersey.

Deliveries from the depot located in Perth Amboy will start later this year. “The first products to be introduced to this depot will be T 22, which can be used in areas such as the formulation of metalworking fluids and the heavy naphthenic tyre oil Nytex 810, with expansion plans to include our heavier grades and transformer oil,” says Blair Krauter, sales manager of Nynas Naphthenics USA & Canada.

Nynas has depots in the U.S. located in Houston, Texas, Long Beach, Calif., and Chester, S.C., as well as in Montreal, Canada.

The addition of the depot in New Jersey improves the delivery opportunities in an area with high demand.

This investment means that new customers will have access to Nynas’ existing products, while at the same time Nynas will have the opportunity to launch new products in the North American market. Furthermore, there will be a general improvement in the service level and supply reliability for customers in North America.

“It also opens up the shipping channel for products we only produce in Europe to a storage location where products have the highest demand. As products will be supplied from Nynas’ European refineries, all products will be registered under REACH,” says Edward Skelton, head of supply chain for Nynas Naphthenics Americas.