Oman Oil unveils new eco-friendly lubricant packaging globally
Photo courtesy of Oman Oil

Oman Oil unveils new eco-friendly lubricant packaging globally

Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) has introduced a new era in lubricant packaging, launching an innovative, eco-friendly design across all its markets. 

OOMCO’s latest packaging solution is a testament to its dedication to innovation and sustainability. The new design is not only more visible and effective but also eco-friendlier, maintaining the high-quality composition that customers have come to expect from Oman Oil lubricants. The refreshed packaging was unveiled at a recent event, marking a significant step in the company’s product presentation.

Tariq bin Mohammed Al Junaidi, chief executive officer of Oman Oil Marketing Company, emphasised the importance of user experience in packaging design. 

“Our goal is to continually innovate and improve our offerings, including our quality Oman Oil lubricants, to ensure they remain a trusted choice for our customers,” said Al Junaidi. “The new packaging is more than just a design update; it’s a move towards more meaningful and environmentally friendly solutions.”

The brand has successfully established itself as a leading Omani brand in the domestic market and expanded its reach internationally. The company’s high-quality, petroleum-based lubricants are sold not only in the Middle East and Northern African (MENA) region but also in parts of Asia. This regional expansion strategy has seen OOMCO grow its presence in key markets, including Saudi Arabia and Tanzania, with more service stations becoming available to customers.

OOMCO’s new packaging initiative is part of its broader strategy to increase visibility and market presence. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in its expansion efforts, as it continues to establish service stations and offer its products in new and existing markets.

The launch of OOMCO’s new lubricant packaging is a significant milestone in the company’s journey. As Oman’s leading fuel marketing company, OOMCO continues to set the standard in the lubricant industry with its innovative and eco-friendly solutions.