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Oracle Petroleum launches Platinum Lubricants

Philippine-based Oracle Petroleum Corp., which claims to be the number toll blender in the country, has launched Platinum Lubricants: Ultimate Racing Performance, signifying its entry into the retail lubricants business.

Platinum is Oracle Petroleum’s house brand, which has been sold primarily to the wholesale market through dealers and distributors, since 2002. The Platinum product line includes both automotive lubricants and industrial lubricants, primarily for the mining, construction and marine market segment.

“After all these years, we’re finally ready to step out of the shadows and break into the lubes industry as a product that you will surely come to love and afford,” said Oracle Petroleum President and CEO Frederick Christian O. Siy.

The Platinum Lubricants product line includes gasoline and diesel engine oils, including fully synthetic formulations, motorcycle engine oils, and general maintenance products.