Oronite will unveil four new additive packages
Photo courtesy of Chevron Oronite

Chevron Oronite to unveil four new additive packages in preparation for IMO 2020

U.S.-based additive manufacturer Chevron Oronite has announced that they are ready for IMO 2020. In the coming months, Oronite will unveil four new additive packages as additions to its Marine and PowerGen System (MAPS™) product portfolio. Two new MCL and two new TPEO products will be part of the portfolio to address the entire range of fuel scenarios from compliant fuel to Heavy Fuel Oil in combination with scrubbers. “Lubricant additive developments are strongly driven by new environmental regulations and shipping companies’ choices of alternative marine fuels,” said Barbara Smith, vice president, Products and Technology, Chevron Oronite. “One major change is the new IMO 2020 standard, and Oronite has been steadily preparing to help our customers seamlessly adapt to the new regulations.” “We understand that ship owners and operators have several options for compliance, including installing scrubbers and using compliant fuels, each resulting in a specific lubricant need,” said Ilse Oelius Smaal, global product line manager, Marine, Chevron Oronite. “Committed to remaining at the technological forefront of additive development, we are currently qualifying a range of additive products to address the marine lubricant challenges posed by IMO 2020 implementation. Our MAPS™ product range is being field tested with a range of representative fuels for use in 2020 and beyond, including 0.5% sulphur fuel.” Developed from the latest additive technology, Chevron Oronite's MAPS™ portfolio consists of packages that can be used to blend a complete slate of oils for Marine and PowerGen applications. MAPS™ technology has been tested by a proven in-house development program as well as extensive testing in real-world, field conditions. MAPS™ will be suitable for the latest marine and power generation engines, as well as older engine types, and can be used in combination with both Group I and Group II base oils.