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Oxea launches Oxlube L9-TMP

Oxea has launched a new lubricant, Oxlube L9-TMP, which is a direct one-to-one replacement for the conventional C8/C10 (caprylic/capric) acid-based trimethylolpropane (TMP) ester.

Oxlube L9-TMP is widely used as a lubricant in engine oils, gear boxes and other demanding applications.

According to Oxea, Oxlube L9-TMP offers the same performance as conventional C8/C10 acid-based TMP, but is more widely available.

The main raw material of the conventional product, mixed C8/C10 acid, has been in extreme short supply for the last two years. Driven by high demand and limited supply, mixed C8/C10 acid is expected to continue to be tight.

Oxlube L9-TMP is based on Oxeaโ€™s own n-Pelargonic Acid. The new product is immediately available in commercial quantities. According to Jacco de Haas, commercial business director for specialty esters at Oxea, Oxlube L9-TMP is being manufactured in Oxeaโ€™s Amsterdam ester plant.

โ€œThis plant formerly used to produce the exact same molecule, which we are now replacing with Oxlube L9-TMP. Because of this history, Oxea has extensive experience and the required know-how to deliver the quality that the lubricant industry is demanding,โ€ says de Haas.

โ€œOxea did recently launch cost effective alternatives for hardly available C8/C10 molecules. Besides offering linear C9 alcohol (n-Nonanol) and linear C9 acid (n-Pelargonic Acid), Oxea is now also offering esters based on these raw materials,โ€ says Cristobal Ascensio, vice president derivatives. โ€œAll these new products are produced on purpose and have no capacity constraints to fulfill market demand globally.โ€

Oxea is a global manufacturer of oxo intermediates and oxo derivatives, such as alcohols, polyols, carboxylic acids, specialty esters and amines, and is wholly owned by the Government of Oman.