Panel approves Chrysler Oxidation and Deposit test for GF-6 precision matrix

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The Auto-Oil Advisory Panel (AOAP) has voted that the Chrysler Oxidation and Engine Deposit Test is ready for precision matrix testing. The test is one of six new tests being developed for the next passenger car engine oil category in North America and Japan known as ILSAC GF-6.

The vote, which happened on 15 January in Detroit, Mich., U.S.A., means that matrix testing will begin, but only after the Oil Temperature Location is finalised and confirmed by the Surveillance Panel.

The test is run at an elevated temperature to simulate the potential for oxidative thickening and deposit formation.

All the test’s criteria are considered ready, including stand-to-stand repeatability, discrimination, 0W-16 viability, field correlation, hardware availability, lab-to-lab reproducibility, and long-term engine supply and readiness.

It was reported at the meeting that 3,800 engines are available for the test, which will last through 2022. Six test stands are available for use during the precision matrix.

The test was developed by an industry team comprised of Chrysler, Shell, Chevron Oronite, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and Haltermann.

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