Pemex to revamp retail outlets

Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) will revamp its gasoline stations to offer additional products and services to motorists, as Mexico’s oil retail sector opens up to private players. Private firms could be granted licenses to import gasoline and diesel fuel before 2019, Mexico’s energy reform stipulates.

Pemex is committed to the challenge of opening up the country’s gasoline distribution market to international competition, Alejandro Martínez Ibarra, director of the firm’s petrochemicals division PGPB, said at the national gasoline suppliers’ association (Onexpo) convention.

He said the next few years will see a revamp of the company’s gasoline retail business to successfully face the new competition.

A drive to improve gasoline station services is already underway, which will also feature convenience stores, financial services and loyalty purchasing schemes, among other opportunities, details of which will be revealed soon, Martínez added.

“We need to promote access to cleaner fuel at lower prices, such as LP gas, natural gas and ethanol, and make them an accessible option in the short term,” he said.

Pemex will soon supply ethanol blends at service stations, increase the supply of low-sulphur fuels, and carry out a survey of Mexico’s regions to determine franchisees’ and consumers’ requirements and identify business opportunities.

In April, Pemex signed six deals to acquire anhydrous ethanol for blending at distribution terminals throughout Mexico. Pemex will invest MXN 800 million (USD 52.1 million) in infrastructure for the management and blending of anhydrous ethanol at its Ciudad Madero and Minatitlán refineries.

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