Pennzoil launches eco-friendly racing oil at Indianapolis 500
Photo courtesy of Pennzoil

Pennzoil launches eco-friendly racing oil at Indianapolis 500

Pennzoil and INDYCAR are pushing the boundaries of sustainability in motorsports with the launch of Pennzoil Performance+ Racing Oil. This new racing oil, unveiled at the Indianapolis 500, utilises re-refined base oil (RRBO) to deliver top-notch engine performance while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. INDYCAR teams will use this innovative oil during the Indianapolis 500 and throughout the NTT INDYCAR Series.

The NTT INDYCAR SERIES is North America’s premier open-wheel auto racing series, featuring an international field of versatile drivers. The 2024 season includes 17 races across the United States and Canada, with the historic Indianapolis 500 as its highlight.

Bree Sandlin, vice president of Shell Lubricants Marketing North America, highlighted the importance of this development: “We are thrilled to have Pennzoil Performance+ Racing Oil as the official lubricant of the 2024 NTT INDYCAR Series. This oil showcases advancements in technology and performance, proving the reliability and durability of our lubricants under the demanding conditions of racing.”

Since its founding in 1913, Pennzoil has been at the forefront of motor oil innovation. Shell, one of the world’s largest energy companies, acquired Pennzoil in 2002 and has since integrated the Pennzoil brand into its extensive portfolio of lubricant products.

The use of RRBO in Pennzoil Performance+ Racing Oil conserves non-renewable resources by reducing the use of base oils made from primary fossil materials. Compared to the base oil used in the Pennzoil products for the 2023 NTT INDYCAR series, the RRBO component cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. Additionally, when combined with premium additives, the new racing oil achieves a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to its predecessor.

Bassem Kheireddin, Shell Motorsports Technology manager, emphasised the rigorous testing the oil has undergone: “Pennzoil Performance+ Racing Oil has been rigorously tested and approved by INDYCAR, Honda, and Chevrolet to meet the high-performance requirements for racing without compromising performance.”

Mark Miles, president and CEO of Penske Entertainment Corp., lauded this milestone as a significant step towards a sustainable future for the NTT INDYCAR series: “The addition of Pennzoil Performance+ Racing Oil using re-refined base oil is another significant milestone as we continue to move towards a more sustainable future for the NTT INDYCAR series, Team Penske and the motorsports industry.”

Penske Entertainment Corp. owns and operates the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), which is the venue for the Indianapolis 500. In November 2019, Penske Corporation, through its subsidiary Penske Entertainment Corp., acquired IMS, the IndyCar Series, and related enterprises from Hulman & Company.