Perstorp inaugurates new India chemicals facility meeting regional demand
Photo courtesys of Perstorp

Perstorp inaugurates new India chemicals facility meeting regional demand

Specialty chemicals maker Perstorp, based in Malmo, Sweden, announced the February 20th commissioning of an ISCC PLUS certified Penta product plant in western India, increasing availability for Asian markets.

The facility in Bharuch represents Perstorp’s largest ever Asian investment. Located near ports and transport infrastructure, it will halve lead times to regional customers. Annual nameplate capacity reaches 40,000 metric tons for Pentaerythritol and 26,000 metric tons for calcium formate.  

“This strengthens our position as a reliable, sustainable partner in Asia,” said EVP of Commercial & Innovation Gorm Jensen. The site runs on renewable raw materials and hybrid electricity.

Its flagship bio-attributed Penta grade Voxtar carries an ISCC PLUS sustainability certification. The drop-in renewable helps buyers reduce value chain emissions versus fossil counterparts through a certified mass balance approach.  

Managing Director Vinod Tiwari said the targeted, significant capacity expansion has been years in planning to better supply current and future regional consumers. Around 120 employees will staff the 30-acre facility.

Founded in 1881 in Sweden, Perstorp produces essential specialty chemicals spanning organic solutions, process engineering and applications. It became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia’s PETRONAS Chemicals Group in 2011.