Perstorp unveils 2-EH Pro 100, a 100% renewable chemical
Photo courtesy of Perstorp

Perstorp unveils 2-EH Pro 100, a 100% renewable chemical

Perstorp, a pioneer in specialty chemicals based in Sweden, has introduced 2-EH Pro 100, a new variant of 2-Ethylhexanol (2-EH) that boasts 100% renewable, traceable mass-balanced carbon content. The traditional method of producing 2-EH involves the chemical conversion of propylene, a byproduct of oil refining and natural gas processing.

According to Perstorp, which was acquired by Malaysia’s PETRONAS Chemicals last year, 2-EH Pro 100 has a negative carbon footprint from its inception to the Perstorp gate, due to the biogenic CO2 absorbed by the renewable raw materials utilised in its production.

2-Ethylhexanol is a versatile chemical that is primarily used as a starting material in the manufacture of various products. 2-EH can be used in the production of lubricant additives, fuel additives, and corrosion inhibitors which are used in the automotive and metalworking industries.

2-EH Pro 100 is a product of both physical and chemical traceability, underscoring Perstorp’s commitment to minimising carbon footprints across the value chain and promoting the sustainable sourcing of renewable and recycled raw materials. This innovation is a part of Perstorp’s Pro-Environment portfolio, joining the ranks of other 100% renewable products like Evyron T100 and Neeture N100.

Betty Lu, vice president of Business Unit Oxo and Plasticizers at Perstorp, expressed excitement over the launch, highlighting it as one of the market’s first 100% renewable sourced products of its kind. This development amplifies Perstorp’s ongoing efforts to foster sustainable transformation within the chemical industry and its value chain.

2-EH Pro 100 is a significant stride towards Perstorp’s Finite Material Neutral™ ambition, marking a departure from the industry’s reliance on virgin fossil raw materials. It empowers industries to diminish their Scope 3 emissions and produce items with a smaller carbon footprint without sacrificing performance. The product’s ISCC PLUS certification ensures the sustainable and traceable nature of all raw materials involved in its production.

Magnus Hindsö, business manager for Oxo Products at Perstorp, emphasised that 2-EH Pro 100 allows customers to incorporate 2-EH based on 100% renewable traceable mass-balanced feedstock into their formulations. This integration is pivotal for reducing the product’s carbon footprint across the entire value chain and supporting the transition to more eco-friendly chemical solutions.

The Traceable Mass Balance approach underscores transparency and traceability, combining chemical and physical traceability. This method ensures the identification of recycled/renewable molecules in the output product, enabling credible product claims and fostering the industry’s shift away from fossil dependence.