Pertamina aims to expand fuel retail operations in other Southeast Asian countries

Indonesia’s state-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina aims to expand its fuel retail presence to its Southeast Asian neighbors. According to Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprise Minister, Rini  Soemarno, Pertamina’s goal is to establish its fuel retail presence in at least one country  by  2018.

Pertamina has already submitted a bid to establish a joint venture in Cambodia with Myanmar  Petroleum  Products  Enterprise  (MPPE). Pertamina’s investment in this joint venture could be worth USD 33 million, according to Ahmad  Bambang, Pertamina’s  marketing  director. “It’s likely that we would win the tender,” Ahmad told Jakarta Globe.

Under the proposal, Pertamina and  MPPE  will  establish  a joint  venture, which will operate 18  fuel  depots  and  12  fuel  service  stations,   to  sell  co-branded  petroleum products. If approved, it could open an  opportunity  for  Pertamina  to  sell  fuel  to  other independent  fuel  stations  across  Myanmar.

In Cambodia,  Pertamina is considering an offer made by a local firm to sell fuel under the Pertamina brand and operate its own network of fuel stations.