Pertamina to start producing automotive coolants in Cilacap

State-owned PT Pertamina Lubricants will start producing automotive coolants this month in Cilacap, Indonesia.

The Cilacap plant will eventually produce 50,000 kilolitres per annum, according to Fathun Najib, operations manager of the Cilacap Lube Oil Blending Plant. “Increasing production will be done in stages,” Najib said.

The Cilacap Lube Oil Blending Plant currently produces 85,000 kilolitres per year of finished lubricants, according to Pertamina Lubricants Production Unit Manager Cilacap, Agus Mahyudin. Lubricant production is dedicated to meeting “about 30-40% of the lubricant needs in Central Java, “said Mahyudin.

Cilacap produces 4T engine lubricants (Enduro 4T 20 W 50), 2T engine lubricants (Mesrania 2T Enviro, Mesrania 2 TOB, and 2T Super Mesrania), heavy duty diesel lubricants (Meditran SX 15 W 40, Meditran SC 15 W 40, Meditran S4.Series), transmission & gear lubricants (Rored EPA 90 & 140, Rored HAD 90 & 140), industrial & hydraulic gear lubricants (Turalik series), locomotive diesel lubricants (Diloka) and heavy equipment and hydraulic lubricants (Axle series).

Production Unit Cilacap is one of four lube oil blending plants owned by PT Pertamina Lubricants. Other Pertamina lube oil blending plants are located in Gresik and Jakarta, Indonesia, and one in Thailand.