Pertamina unveils roadmap to achieve net zero emission target
Photo courtesy of Pertamina

Pertamina unveils roadmap to achieve net zero emission target

Pertamina is committed to fulfilling Indonesia’ net zero emission (NZE) target and contributing to the government’s program by accelerating Indonesia’s energy transition.

The state-owned oil and gas company’s commitment to achieving net zero is contained in its recently released roadmap, which includes a decarbonisation strategy and new business development based on clean and green energy. 

Pertamina’s NZE Roadmap implementation is supported by accurate carbon accounting and reporting following global standards, Internal Carbon Pricing and Carbon Trading implementation, establishing a dedicated sustainability organization, fundamental capabilities strengthening, and alignment with relevant stakeholders.

Pertamina’s NZE Roadmap was created as one of the frameworks and references that stakeholders can use to understand Pertamina’s commitment to meeting NZE targets and upholding the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements.

Pertamina’s NZE Roadmap will include the company’s long-term strategic plan aligned with Pertamina’s decarbonisation and clean and green energy business aspirations, as well as the Government’s NZE target of 2060 or sooner.

Within this framework, Pertamina signed a commitment by the President Director with the President Director of Pertamina Subholdings. This commitment includes strategy and pathways aspects that will be carried out, as well as all aspects that support strengthening NZE targets and their sustainability achievement. Pertamina has prepared plans and steps that follow all aspects and areas of the company’s business from upstream to downstream, which ensure the company’s mission fulfillment as the main energy provider to serve all levels of Indonesian society, both public, industry, and Government.

“We have witnessed the commitments that have been signed. We set a net zero emission roadmap as our support for Indonesia’s Nationally Determined Contribution, which has just been revised, and the Government has set a more ambitious target. Thus, we follow it,” said President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati.

Widyawati said that Pertamina’s decarbonisation efforts are focused on several strategic initiatives. It includes energy efficiency, loss reduction, electrification, low-carbon fuel and green-power generation utilization, as well as carbon capture and storage optimization in all lines of the company’s business.

“Indonesia has enormous potential for carbon capture storage. In Asia, only Indonesia and Malaysia have it. Indonesia is mostly onshore, and Malaysia is mostly offshore. So we have a competitive advantage. Therefore, this is our new oil and gas business carbon capture,” she said.