Petro-Canada Lubricants launches premium turbine fluid
Photo courtesy of Petro-Canada Lubricants

Petro-Canada Lubricants launches premium turbine fluid

Petro-Canada Lubricants has launched a premium turbine fluid with exceptional thermal stability. TURBOFLO HTS 46 is approved for MAN Energy Solutions TED 10000494596 specification and meets the performance specifications of many other industry leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). According to parent company HF Sinclair Corporation, Petro-Canada Lubricants TURBOFLO HTS delivers unparalleled performance to reduce unplanned downtime and improve equipment reliability. 

Providing extended corrosion-free lubrication of turbine unit control circuits and bearings, TURBOFLO HTS 46 delivers robust protection from scuffing and wear, a company statement said. It also offers good varnish resistance to improve equipment uptime and reduce reactive maintenance, it added. The fluid offers excellent thermal stability and enhanced oxidative resistance due to the synergy between ultra-pure, severely-hydrotreated base oils and advanced additive chemistry used in the product formulation.

TURBOFLO HTS 46 is also ashless, free of metals and organometallic compounds and benefits from extreme pressure (EP) characteristics.

“TURBOFLO HTS 46 has been formulated to exceed the demanding service requirements of steam and gas turbines, and to meet the comprehensive OEM requirements for oxidative and thermal resistance of modern turbine oils,” said Sara Sidders, segment marketing manager – power generation. “Meeting and exceeding the standard of the coveted MAN Energy Solutions TED 10000494596 specification, this innovative turbine fluid can help operators maximize the efficiency and reliability of their turbine systems and improve equipment life.”

TURBFLO HTS 46 is recommended for geared turbines requiring wear and scuffing protection, and non-geared steam and gas turbine systems that do not require an EP fluid.