Petrol Ofisi amplifies lubricant production, eyes carbon neutrality
Photo courtesy of Petrol Ofisi

Petrol Ofisi amplifies lubricant production, eyes carbon neutrality

Petrol Ofisi Group, a dominant player in the Turkish lubricants market, has nearly doubled its annual production capacity at its Kocaeli-based lubricant blending plant. This expansion, from 150,000 tons to 230,000 tons, positions the company to meet half of Turkey’s lubricant consumption.

The newly inaugurated logistics center, a significant part of this expansion, was graced by top state officials, including Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Presidential Investment Office Zeynel Kılınç. 

Petrol Ofisi’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly approach. The facility harnesses solar energy, with 2,074 solar panels currently fulfilling a third of its electricity needs, a figure they aim to double in the future.

The Petrol Ofisi Technology Center (POTEM), situated within the facility, stands as Turkey’s most advanced technology center. It conducts around 150,000 tests annually, ensuring products and services meet international standards.

In anticipation of the Turkish fuel market’s growth, Petrol Ofisi has also constructed the T34 diesel tank, boasting 42,000 cubic meters in capacity. This strategic move ensures the company is prepared for potential demand surges, such as in the aftermath of a potential Istanbul earthquake.

Petrol Ofisi Group CEO Mehmet Abbasoğlu emphasised the facility’s role in Turkey’s energy independence strategy, highlighting its state-of-the-art technology and commitment to reducing diesel imports.

Lubricants Director Sezgin Gürsu lauded the facility’s potential, noting its digital management and the significant reduction in carbon emissions it promises.